The Demographics of Know Your Bible

TV shows and commercials are all targeted for a specific demographic.  Cartoon shows want to attract little kids who will demand that Mommy buy them Cocoa Puffs.  Twenty-four-hour news networks seek out either left wingers or right wingers – but rarely both.  ESPN was invented exclusively for sports fans.

Know Your Bible is no different; it is designed to attract a specific audience – but not one definable by the usual age or income demographics.  KYB attracts these different types of people.

One type is what the Bible calls “God-fearing” people.  They may not even call themselves Christians, but they believe in God and respect the Bible as a special book.  Many of them are active in the denomination of their upbringing, but appreciate hearing the Bible studied and explained.  Some of these folks never question some of what they’ve been taught, but like to hear answers to all the diverse questions we get.  These folks respect the Bible-based answers and the non-judgmental spirit of those answers.

Another type could be called the “skeptical.”  Some doubt the Bible is true, and some question a specific doctrine or teaching.  I know they’re out there because we get questions that challenge us with “how do you explain this…?”  Last week we received a question on which the operator made this note: “The caller was willing to bet we couldn’t answer this one.”  Interestingly, some of these “skeptics” are very regular viewers, as indicated by their regularly submitted questions.  Hopefully, the scriptural, kind, answers they receive will break down their doubts and create a respect for the Bible’s wisdom.

The most exciting demographic type of KYB viewer are the folks with a “Berean spirit.”  Acts 17:11 calls the folks in Berea “noble”    because they “searched the Scriptures to see if what Paul said was true.”  People with such a spirit will find the truth, and KYB attracts that type of person.  Consider this recent email:  “At the beginning of your show, you ask us, the viewer, a question.  I have kept a journal, and  usually I can find the answer.  Sometimes I can’t find it.  When you reveal the correct answer, would you please cite the book/chapter/verse where that answer is revealed?  I would like to look it up myself to see why I couldn’t find it to begin with.  Thank you.”  It’s encouraging to know that viewer – and others like him – are hearing the Bible taught each week.  It’s even more exciting to know that the power of salvation is in that teaching each week!

NOTE:  November 11th is KYB Sunday.  Please be discussing and praying about how you will support this great work.