They’re Watching


In a few days we will record Know Your Bible program number 1,439.  Over the next few weeks that program will be transmitted to a company that will add closed captioning and then transmit the new file to five broadcast centers.  Those centers will put #1439 on the air in their market in late March.  Almost two million households will have the opportunity to turn on their TVs and learn more about the Bible.  If only 1% do so, that’s 20,000 households.  If two people watch in each home, that’s 40,000 souls.

When Toby and I meet at the KSN studio to record #1439 there will only be four people watching.  Admittedly the crew will probably not really be “watching,” but rather tending to their cameras and sound boards and monitors so everything looks and sounds right.  They won’t pay much attention to what we say about the Bible.  But a whole lot of people are paying very close attention!  I know they are because some of them tell me so.  For instance, this week I received these emails…

Brenda:  “My husband and I watch the episodes on our iPad.  Thank you…  we enjoy your program very much.”

Sally:  “I just wanted to let you know I really enjoy your program on Sunday.  I learn a lot and feel good about understanding the Bible more clearly.  Thank you.”

Kathleen:  “Your viewer’s question today was first asked in 2016.  I keep a diary and refer to it often.  I study from home.”

I don’t know about all 40,000+, but I’m confident Kathleen is watching!  Seriously.  And that makes what we do seriously important.  By we I mean ALL of the KYB team.  ALL of these are important:

How Toby and I answer questions on the air.  How I respond to internet questions.  How operators answer the phone in Wichita, Springfield, Burlington, and Sioux Falls.  How BCC graders interact with their students – by mail or on-line.  How local preachers or volunteers deliver certificates to students.  How every member greets a visitor who attends church because of KYB.  How faithful congregations and individuals give to financially support the program.  How so many pray for the programs and the hearts that it will reach.

All of those are seriously important – because THEY’RE WATCHING!