Welcome Back, Floods!


Welcome Back, Floods!

Alex & Erin Flood and their children “placed membership” last Sunday, but they aren’t really new to Northside. They spent almost 10 years in St. Paul, MN, as domestic missionaries supported mainly by us, and now they’ve returned to Kansas. They said they feel confident that God will now lead them to “the next right thing.”

Alex was born and raised here and graduated from Northwest High School. When he was almost 17, he was baptized at Northside. He earned an associates degree in audio production from McNally Smith College in 2006.

Erin was born and raised in Newton. She graduated from Berean Academy, and four years later earned a degree in history from Harding University, with minors in English and political science.

Alex & Erin met when in Northside’s young adults group, previously known as the Shield Class. They were  married in 2010 by Nick Perez and then moved to Lubbock, where Alex earned a bachelor’s degree in Bible from Sunset International Bible Institute in 2012 and Erin got a law degree from Texas Tech in 2013. In 2020, Alex finished his master’s in Bible from SIBI.

The Floods dreamed of planting a church in St. Paul, asked us to support them, and thus began our almost 10-year partnership. In 2014 they moved there and Alex began studying the Bible in coffee shops with people who responded to his Meetup.com ads. He says he conducted over 1,000 Bible studies during their time there. Those studies resulted in six people giving their life to Christ.

Near the end of 2014, the Floods planted the Lake Phalen church of Christ, which met in their home for eight years. Sundays started with a fellowship lunch prepared by Erin. She cooked 500+ of those meals for church members! Erin also made each member’s favorite cake every year for their birthday! Bible class and worship followed lunch in the afternoon. Alex said he thinks the best thing they did in St. Paul was to “help those with bad church experiences and watch God change their hearts through meeting with us at Lake Phalen.”

Alex enjoys playing the piano, roasting coffee beans, and woodworking. He and Nick produce a Bible commentary podcast called Swordplay. They’re currently on a break, but you can listen to 105 past episodes on Apple Podcasts or your favorite podcast app.

Erin passed the bar in Minnesota and practiced law before they had children. She still does some freelance work writing contracts and wills, but most of her time is spent homeschooling their four children.

Shepherd (8) will be in 2nd grade this coming schoolyear. He enjoys reading, playing Pokemon and Zelda, and archery. The children recently completed swimming lessons, and now that’s a favorite pastime for all of them.

Evie (6) will be in 1st grade. She likes stuffed animals, dolls, drawing, painting, and is very sociable.

Fisher (4) will be in preschool. He loves riding his bike and his electric motorcycle, playing with lizards, and squashing bugs.

Sawyer (2) likes riding his bike, playing with magnetic blocks, and sleeping in his big boy bunk bed.

Alex & Erin feel like they’ve come back home, but the kids have some adjusting to do. They enjoy living next door to their grandparents (Erin’s parents) in Newton, now, but let’s all help them feel welcome as they get settled into their new home.