I just finished answering a bunch of Know Your Bible questions, and the next item on my to-do list was to write a bulletin article. So, I decided to make this easy and let you see what I’ve been doing for the last few hours. I’ve printed a few of this week’s questions below. They are not meant to be representative of “average” questions. Many of them in fact have never been asked before in 36 years. These are just a “peak behind the scenes” for you.

How would you answer these things people asked about this week?

Q1. Where is the Lord’s Prayer located? I want to pray it over my meals.

Q2. Where did Lot’s daughters get the wine to get drunk?

Q3. Does Satan hear your prayers when you pray in silence?

Q4. You said on the program that smoking was a sin. Well, you better add sugar to that list too. Sugar is just as addictive and causes ALL the diseases in your body. So don’t be telling people that smoking is a sin and not add sugar in, too.

Q5. Did Jesus go to any sporting events?

Q6. I have relatives that are Jehovah’s Witnesses. Will they go to heaven after death due to their beliefs?

Q7. Why did Jesus say, “My God, why have you forsaken me?” when he was crucified?

Q8. How do you balance Matthew 5:16 (do good deeds so people will see them) and Matthew 6:2 (don’t do acts of righteousness to be seen by men)?

Q9. My nine-year-old asked, “Who created God?”  I tried to explain, but think I just confused him more. How should I answer this in a way a nine-year-old can understand?

Q10. Will I still be married to my spouse in heaven?

Q11. Who is a saint? The Bible speaks of saints, and I would like more information on exactly who they are.

Q12. I missed the end of the program. Could you please tell me the answer to the trivia question, “Who said, ‘What is truth?’”

A majority of those questions were answered by email, while a few still required a printed answer in the mail. The advantage of email (beside being cheaper) is that I often get feedback. For example, here is what came back after I answered #6: “Thank you so much for       answering my question so thoroughly. Love your program and bless you all.” Gerald