What’s a Daddy? by Steve Tandy

Just what is an effective father?  One of the greatest professional athletes of all time, Bo Jackson, said, “Do you know what I thought a father was?  A man who came to your house every month and a half and left $20 on the table.”  Compare that answer to this essay by a 3rd grader.  “My dad loves me no matter what I do.  When I lie, make big mistakes, or even break something, he still loves me.  My dad also teaches me how to do things.  He showed me how to climb trees…He also taught me how to wash the dishes…I sure am glad my mom married my dad.”  Pretty big difference, isn’t there?

Most every dad wants to be the most effective father possible.  But many of us don’t get any training on even what “effective fathering” even is, much less how to do it.  Many dads didn’t even have a very good role model to emulate.  If you are one of those dads who wants to “do better,” let me tell you about a great opportunity.  Set aside a few hours on May 12 and 13.  On Friday night [7 – 9:30] and  Saturday morning [9 – 11:30] you can participate in a seminar guaranteed to help you be a more effective father.  I will be leading a great seminar on The 7 Secrets of Effective Fathers.  We’ve done this previously and the feedback was all positive.  Dads (and mothers) loved it.

You will learn the seven key areas in which the most effective fathers are significantly different from average dads.  Studying and practicing these “secrets” will enable any father to improve his performance in this God-given role.  I assure you it will be well worth your time – and will make a difference in your family!

This weekend is obviously for fathers with kids at home, but will bless grandfathers, stepfathers, divorced fathers, empty nesters, expectant fathers, and wannabe fathers.  Any man who has influence in a kid’s life will learn how to do it better.  By the way, this is a great outreach event for you Northside men.  I guarantee you have a friend or co-worker who wishes he knew how to be a more effective father.  Feel free to invite him and introduce him to the Northside family.

So, mark your calendar to save the date (May 12 & 13), then call the office or email me at standy@northsidecoc.org to reserve a spot.  We’ll also post a sign-up sheet at the Activity Corner.  Due to the interactive nature of the course, there will be a limit to how many we can handle – so sign up early.