I know. You are totally worn out with voting and ballots. You cast your vote and don’t want to hear another pollster or see another vote count for about two years. But I need to tell you that there are a LOT of outstanding votes that still need to be counted. So bear with me in this spiritual/political parable…

On the ballot: The Know Your Bible television ministry. Does it grow, shrink, continue, or disappear?

The voters: Northside members plus a few others. “Votes” are cast by other supporting congregations and individuals, but 70% of the electorate attend Northside.

The electoral process: Since the television ministry requires annual contracts with TV stations, we must commit to spending for the    future. We need to know if the money will be there to pay the bills. So, once a year we ask the electorate to vote. We call that election day “Know Your Bible Sunday,” and ask for donations or pledges (estimates of what you plan to give) for the coming year.

The situation: Fewer people are voting. A minority of the electorate still turn in a pledge form. Another sizable group doesn’t bother with a pledge form, but continue to give a regular amount like they have for years. We have to guess (and hope) that those regular gifts will still come in. So far, they have.

But this year’s pandemic has created some new problems. In September, our bank balance dipped lower than it has in years. Without a strong response from KYB Sunday, we may not be able to confidently sign new contracts in some markets. Also, we had a greatly reduced crowd of “in-person” voters this year. Usually, 700 plus of you are able to pick up a pledge form and consider your commitment. This year, only a little over 200 were present.

The solution: We need YOU to submit an absentee ballot! Here are some ways you can do that:

  • Turn in your pledge form this Sunday.
  • Mail your pledge form to the office.
  • Use the online giving function on northsidecoc.org or knowyourbible.com.
  • Call, text, or email any elder or staff member and tell them to turn in your vote for you.