Who You Marry Matters

Who You Marry Matters

I read a good blog article that I’d like to share with you. Here’s a brief recap of the main points.

The writer and her husband were at a youth group activity and saw two guys and a girl eating together. One of the guys was a geek and the other was a cooler college student. The girl was clearly with the cooler guy.

While the geek was busy serving others at the meal and helping to clean up, the cool college boyfriend got upset with the girl and poured red juice all over her leather jacket and white shirt. This girl had obviously chosen poorly.

The writer said this girl is in for a lot of grief if this relationship eventually leads to marriage. Her advice to all unmarried Christian girls was this: Who you marry matters. (And even though this article was addressed to girls, guys need to pay attention, too.)

You might think the way he treats you now isn’t that bad, and he’ll improve after the wedding. THINK AGAIN! He’s on his best behavior now. And if THAT is his best behavior, you’d better start running!

Next to salvation there is no other long-term event that will change so many areas of your life so deeply. Here are just some of the ways marriage will impact every aspect of living.

  • It will impact you spiritually. If the guy’s not a believer, stop right there. If he is a believer, is he a strong one? Will he be your spiritual leader? The health of your eternity is at stake. Think carefully.
  • It will impact you emotionally. Is the guy you’re thinking about going to encourage you, love you, and be kind to you, or is he going to want to go out with the guys when you’re having a hard night? Be careful. A husband can cripple or foster emotional health.
  • It will impact you physically. Will the guy you’re going with provide for your basic needs? Will he care for your body or abuse it? Will he honor your marriage bed? Watch out. Your body needs care and protection.
  • It will impact you mentally. Is the man you’re thinking about going to be a source of worry or will he help you deal with your worries? You might think the intellectual or mental side of a marriage is small. It’s bigger than you think. Consider it seriously.