You may be intimately involved with wwwG.  Or, you may not even know there is such a thing as Northside’s Women Walking with God Conference.  Either way, here are two things you need to know.

First, the reach of wwwG is growing.  What began as an annual week-end event for women who could come to Wichita is “going viral.”  During the Covid fiasco years, our ladies tried some rudimentary simulcasts for those who couldn’t make it to the event in person.  They discovered a need was out there, and determined to meet it.  For wwwG 2023, investments were made in technology and changes were made in marketing.  The goal (hope) was to find12 congregations who would host a simulcast in their town.  The results?  15 congregations plus a number of smaller viewing parties in homes accounted for over 400 women being a part of Conference remotely.  Even better than that astounding number was the feedback from those sites.  They loved it!  They are ready to do it again in 2024!  They want to grow their outreach and attendance and “do it better.”  You need to know…  the potential for the wwwG ministry is huge!

Second, it is difficult to imagine the quantity and quality of the folks who make wwwG happen.  Northside has a very deep talent pool!  After each Conference we celebrate the year’s volunteers with dinner and some recognition of the Management Team, Team Leaders, and other key folks.  This year I was reminded anew of how many different people (ladies and men) are involved in making wwwG the world-class event that it is.  God, in His providence, has brought a very special array of people together – for His purpose.  I believe the church’s ministry to women, and by women, is much needed at this time in history – and He has prepared Northside to play a big part.