Youth Group Update


Youth Group Update

The youth group has been very busy this summer, and we wanted to share some of what we have been doing with the rest of Northside. We are always so overwhelmed by the support, prayers, and volunteer work we receive, and below are just a few big things going on for 7th – 12th graders at Northside.

Teen Camp – Teen Camp 2023 is almost here! This year our theme is “Made for More.” We are going to spend the week hearing Kingdom-centered lessons and participating in group discussions that help us focus on what God has prepared for us, and why his preparations and   purpose are greater than anything this world has to offer.  Just over a week ago, I asked Northside to provide scholarships for teens who need the funds to go to camp, and of course Northside members came out in full force and provided 19 scholarships! Please join me in prayer that our teens will encounter Jesus this year at camp, and that lives will be changed to the glory of God!

Emily Campbell Internship – We are pleased and blessed to have Emily Campbell, a longtime Northside member, hired for the summer to work as an intern with our 7th – 12th grade girls. Emily is passionate about helping others and is doing an excellent job. She has started a girls’ Bible study on Monday nights, teaches the girls’ class on Wednesday nights, meets with the girls individually to  connect, and is playing an important role in several aspects of Teen Camp. She also singlehandedly planned and executed this year’s “Mystery Trip” for our high school students and is simply going above and beyond as she loves our girls! If you see Emily, she deserves a pat on the back and an encouraging word!

Apologetics with Adam Clothier – This year we are blessed to have Adam Clothier, a recent graduate of Heritage Christian University, teaching our teens about the historical validity and significance of the New Testament. This has been a huge eye-opening faith builder for our teens, and Adam is doing a great job! Many of our young people carry their doubts silently for fear of upsetting or disappointing parents or mentors. Adam speaks to those hidden doubts weekly and presents a very bold and truthful portrait of the evidence for our faith. Adam is a skilled teacher, and I’m looking forward to seeing how God uses his talents and his love for truth to further his participation in the harvest.

Thank you all for your continued prayers over our young men and women, not just for our summer, but also for the varied struggles of our teens and the future of the Church.