Youth Group Update

Youth Group Update

The Northside youth group has been enjoying quite a few activities since the start of the school year. We participate in Bible studies, Fast Food Fellowships, service projects, and devotionals. None of these things would be possible without amazing volunteers, parents, and support from the family at Northside. Here is a brief description of what Northside teens do over the course of the school year.

Fast Food Fellowships: On the Wednesday nights that we don’t have the Family Fellowship Meal, Northside youth families grab their favorite fast food and come to the building at 6 PM to fellowship before Wednesday night services. (All Northside members are welcome to join us for this event.)

Bible Studies: Ginny and I alternate leading girls’ / guys’ Bible studies on Monday nights throughout the school year. I am leading a study on what the Bible says it means to be a man, and Ginny is going over the lies young girls are often told, and how to find the true answers in God’s word.

Service Projects: Each month, Northside students can serve our church family or our community in at least one service project. We have cleaned up yards, raked leaves, delivered letters of encouragement, and done a “service scavenger hunt.”

Devotionals: We also have devotionals three times a month where we play games, have dinner, hear a message from a young man or woman, and worship together.

If you would like to volunteer to help with any of these events or have questions or ideas relating to our youth group, you can always call or text me at 316-641-2769.