Bible Classes – Adults

Adult Life-Stage Classes

Sound bible teaching on Sunday mornings at 9:00, and Wednesday evenings at 7:00.  Northside’s Sunday morning adult classes are divided into five classes for adults of different ages and life stages.  Each class tries to schedule a fellowship activity outside of class every month.


Our Shield class (College-age & Young Professionals) meets in Room 204, the northwest room in the Fellowship Hall.

The FOCUS class (Families with young children) meets in Fireside Room.

Our ALIVE (Always Living in View of Eternity)  class (Families with older children) meets in room 203, the Northeast room in the Fellowship Hall.

Our Bible Boomers class (Families with Children our of the Home)  meets in Room 202, the southeast room in the Fellowship Hall.

The Goodtimers class (Retired Members) meet in the auditorium.

Sonny Banning

Adult Education Coordinator