washing-feetIn our culture, it is hard to find men who want to be servants. But God established a very special role of servant for the local congregation. That is what the word “deacon” means. Obviously, all Christians are to serve, but these men have dedicated their lives to serve the congregation and perform whatever work is necessary to help the elders as they shepherd the congregation.

At Northside Church of Christ, we are blessed to have very talented men who work hard and often behind the scenes. Our deacons certainly serve well and uphold the standards set up in I Timothy 3:8-13.

We are privileged to have the men below serving as our deacons.

Benevolence – Mike Uhlman
Facility Management – Bob Eroh
Family Camp – Paul Herrington
Finance – Greg Sandlin
Finance (Know Your Bible) – Shawn Lytton
Finance (Small Accounts Payable) – Joe Holmes
Greeters – Tony Weber
Northside Watchers – James Pearman
Small Groups – Jeff Garrison
Wichita WorkCamp – Drew Lowrey