This is a free and easy-to-use app that connects you to our church Family.

Use it to: 
  • Update your Personal Information
  • Communicate with Groups & Teams
  • Manage Giving
  • Join Events
  • Look up Members

Click here if you already have an account.

To get an invite to Realm, contact the CHURCH OFFICE.

Once you have created an account:

  • From the Northside website hover over the members tab,
  • Click on Connect – My Northside  and sign in.

If you want it on your mobile device:

  •  Download one of the apps below. 

     Get it on Google Play


General Overview  of what Northsiders can do in the Realm Connect app. (Connect – My Northside)

Search:  The most up-to-date Northside directory is always right at your fingertips. Click News, then in the search box, type all or part of the name of the person you are looking for. 

Profiles:  Manage and update all your personal information right from Realm. Click on Profile, then click the pencil to edit your information or to add a picture of yourself.

Giving:  Give, setup recurring gifts and see giving history right from the app.  Giving is literally in your hands. Click on Giving, and enter your information. 

Newsfeed: Learn how to stay connected to what’s happening all in one place.

Groups:  See how you can build community and connection in your groups.  Share life’s moments and connect throughout the week. It is up to you how you receive information from each of your groups. Click on Groups, then within each of your groups you may click on the 3 dots and set how often you would like to receive emails and notifications.

Events:  How easy it is to get more involved in the events in your church groups.