5-Year-Olds and Kindergartners

It is important that this class stay on the same rotation schedule as the Safari workshops, but the children are too young to move around each week. They need the stability and security that the same teachers and the same classroom give them.

Five-year-olds and kindergartners are in the Palace of the Son class. When a child turns five years old and a new rotation begins, the child is moved to this class. A child leaves this class when promotion takes place in the fall and the child becomes a 1st grader. So, most children will be in this class for two full years. The classroom is called “Palace of the Son,” and it’s designed to look like a palace courtyard. The children sit on mats and have robes they sometimes wear. The class studies the same curriculum as the rotating groups of Safari to the Son, the 1st-4th graders, but they remain in the 5-K classroom with the same teachers as this age is developmentally too young to move to different workshops and teachers each week.