1st through 4th Grades

 All children are different and they have different learning styles. Just as a single shoe size doesn’t fit everyone, neither does a single learning environment ensure learning for all. That is why we have adopted the following six workshops.


Our 1st through 4th graders are in our Safari to the Son classes in the elementary wing. This curriculum is an “expedition” built on the workshop rotation model of teaching. Six different workshops are destinations on the expedition. Since children learn through many different modalities, the workshops lend themselves to different approaches of learning the wonderful truth of God’s Word. Here is a brief description of the rotation workshops.


This workshop sets the foundation of the Bible facts from the scripture.


The history of Bible events are brought to life in this workshop. Students study timelines, maps, and the culture of Bible events and places. They also use modern technology to see the “then and now” picture.

Music and Memory

This workshop stresses fun ways to remember facts through singing, sign language, and memory work.


The children reenact the story or apply the concept using props and costumes or puppets. The children perform for their parents and other family and friends at the end of class on Wednesday night.


The students learn while playing games that reinforce the facts and concepts taught in the Bible story.

Creation Station

This workshop uses cooking, science, and other hands-on activities to apply the Bible lesson being learned.