New to Northside?

Welcome to Northside! We’re very glad you’ve decided to check us out.

Northside is a group of people from all places in life who are committed to loving God, following Christ and serving others. We are very much a family. And we consider you to be our guest. As our guest, we want to welcome your family to our family anytime. But, going anyplace new can be a bit overwhelming at first.

Where do I go?

When should we get there?

What’s there for our children?

Who do I talk to?

What will happen?

It’s our hope that this page will answer many of your questions and make your first visit to Northside a great one! We are looking forward to meeting you.

When do you meet?

We currently offer Bible Classes for all ages at 9:00am on Sunday mornings.
We meet together for Worship at 10:00am on Sunday mornings and 5:00pm on Sunday evenings.
We also meet for Bible classes for all ages at 7:00pm on Wednesday evenings.

What can we expect when we arrive?

Here are a few things to help you when you visit.
Parking: You may park anywhere you like in our parking lot. On the south side of the lot there are spaces close to the building reserved especially for guests.

Once Inside:

As you enter, you’re likely meet one of our many greeters. They are there to help you find your way. Need to know where to take your kids?  Not sure where the restrooms are?  Looking for someone specific? They’ll be glad to help you!

If you come to worship, feel free to sit anywhere. If you need some help finding a seat or need an escort, you’ll find ushers (wearing red USHER tags) at each entrance to our auditorium. If you need most anything, they are there to help you.

Bible Classes:

One of the best features of our family is our top-rate Bible classes.

For your children, we currently offer excellent Bible teaching. There are the Little Lambs (ages 0-4) which gather in the LIttle Lambs Nursery. The Palace to the Son (age 5 + Kindergarten), the Safari to the Son (1st – 4th grade) meet in the Multipurpose Room. Our Loft 315 (5th – 6th Grade), and the Northside Youth Ministry (7th – 12th grade) meet in the South Hall. Here is our building map to help.

For adults, we currently offer an auditorium class.  Class begins at 9:15am on Sunday mornings and 7:00pm on Wednesday nights in the auditorium.


You’ll notice that during worship times:

  • We sing a cappella, without the use of musical instruments. We love praising God from our hearts with our voices. If you’ve never heard a capella singing before, you’re in for a real treat! We hope you will find the singing meaningful and uplifting. A songleader will help lead us in worship.  To help know what to sing, all words and music are projected onto the overhead screens. In addition, songbooks are located in front of you.
  • We believe in prayer. From the beginning to the end, you’ll notice that we have several times of being led in public prayer. We know that God listens and we believe it’s important to talk to Him regularly.
  • We take communion. Every week we offer communion to any believer in Christ.  Communion trays will not be passed, but individually sealed cups with the emblems will be available for you to pick up as you enter. During worship, a brief thought or scripture will be shared and a prayer offered to guide your thoughts and prayers as we partake of the Lord’s Supper.  At that time, you may partake of the emblems of the unleavened bread and fruit of the vine (grape juice) from the cups provided.
  • We take up a collection. A free-will offering is offered to support the ongoing work of our church family. As our guest, we do not expect you to donate.  Contribution collection trays will not be passed.  For those wishing to bring a contribution, there will be locked boxes available for you place your donation or you may give online by going to or texting the word BLESS to 73256 from your mobile device.
  • We use lots of Bible. We believe it is a God-inspired book and that its teachings are God’s best for us. From scripture reading, to communion, to the lesson, if you want to hear and learn what the Bible says, you’ve come to the right place.  Whether you are a life-long Bible student or you’ve never even opened a Bible, worship will be a time where you get to know your Bible, its contents and the God who wrote it. If you or your family don’t have a Bible, let an usher know and we will be glad to provide you and your family a brand new one absolutely free.
  • We offer an invitation. At the end of every sermon, an invitation will be extended for anyone who wishes to come to the back, while the congregation sings, to meet our elders to discuss any spiritual need (prayer, baptism, etc.).

How do I find my way around?

Being in a new place can be a little confusing, so we have plenty of signs to help you navigate your way around. Also, you may ask any greeter (the folks you meet when you come inside) or usher (the guys with red USHER tags) for help or directions and they’ll be glad to show you around or escort you where you need to go. For your help, click HERE for a map of our facilities.

What kind of classes do you have?

For your children, we offer excellent Bible teaching.

There are the Little Lambs (ages 0-4) which will gather in the Little lambs nursery.

The Palace of the Son (age 5 + Kindergarten), the Safari to the Son (1st – 4th grade) meet in the Multipurpose Room.

Our Loft 315 (5th – 6th Grade), and the Northside Youth Ministry (7th – 12th grade) meet in the South Hall.

Here is our building map to help.

For adults, we currently offer an auditorium class.  Class begins at 9:15am on Sunday mornings and 7:00pm on Wednesday nights in the auditorium.

Click HERE to see where those classes meet.

Where is your building located?

Click HERE for a map & directions to our building.

Where do I go once we are at your building?

Click HERE to see where things are located.