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Alex, Daynella, and Noah Rivas; Kevin, Yurubi, and Nathaniel Canelón

Salinas, Ecuador

The Quito School of Biblical Studies in Ecuador trains Christian men and women to work in ministry. Their two top graduates in 2021 formed a mission team along with their wives (also QSOBS grads) and young sons and moved to Salinas, Ecuador, in June 2022. There, they plan to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ and plant a church.

Students at QSOBS are trained to be bi-vocational, so these couples will spend half their time in ministry and the other half earning a part-time salary in some type of secular work. By the end of 10 years, they hope to be self-supporting.

It’s likely that these families won’t travel to the US every other year on furlough to spend time with us in Wichita, as our other missionaries do, so Northside plans to send a couple of representatives for a site visit to Salinas annually