New Wednesday and Sunday Adult Classes

Starting January 7 Northside adults will have three classes to choose from on Wednesday nights. On December 28 all Sunday morning classes began a study of the book of Judges with an introductory class in the auditorium.

WEDNESDAYS (Starting January 7)

“This World Is Not My Home” (Auditorium)

Jim Weathers and a variety of others will teach lessons on heaven, focusing on the words and phrases of this familiar Christian song. Hearing from different teachers will allow younger and older men to share their views and excitement about the reward that awaits us.

“Understanding the Biblical Israel of Today” (Fireside Room, Facilitators: David & Brenda Heller)

David & Brenda Heller’s recent trip to Israel was full of expectations of finding Bible lands, people, and maybe even a Ray Vander Laan video experience. This class will be filled with the history of Israel, visits to ancient sites, and experiences in the culture of Israel today. In this class the Hellers will share what they learned and saw in Israel, and explore the biblical context of each.

“Basics of Christianity” (ALIVE Classroom 203, Facilitator: Mark Yeakley)

Have you ever gone to an adult Bible class and wondered what they were talking about? If so, this class may be for you. Most classes assume a certain level of knowledge about the basics of Christianity and the Bible. However, many new Christians and not-yet Christians haven’t learned all that stuff yet. They may feel embarrassed to ask “dumb” questions among more advanced students. Well this class welcomes all questions; nothing is off limits. If you are new in the faith or just trying to figure out if there is anything to this Christianity thing, join us and ask some questions.

SUNDAYS (Started December 28)

“The Time of the Judges”

The Book of Judges tells of Israel after the death of Joshua. Its story is filled with a spiral of sin, servitude, supplication, and salvation for the Children of God living in the Promised Land. Within each cycle, the people fail to bear fruit of true repentance and they do not pass on the lessons of disobedience. The book is named for a series of leaders God raised up for the troubled nation during dark days. It covers a period of approximately 300 years, from the death of Joshua to the rise of Samuel.