Upcoming event

Trunk or Treat

Here is the information you will need to know if you are participating in our Trunk or Treat event.  First of all, thank you!  We are so excited you are coming.

Here’s the details: the event is from 6:00-8:00 pm. If you are doing a trunk we would like you to be set up and ready in the South parking lot by 5:15-5:30. Spots are first come, first served.  Bring a container for your candy or we will have extras. Candy will be provided.  When you are handing out candy, and a opportunity presents itself to share a little about Northside please do. Tell them about the Safari Wing for babies to 4th grade, the loft for 5-6th graders and our Youth group. Let them know we would love for them to come visit.

If you are helping in another area (serving food, distributing candy, etc…) it would be helpful if you were there by 5:00 to get instructions and be in place.  We will start cooking hot dogs early and will need rollers available as the hot dogs come off the grill.  All guests will be parking and entering from the North.

We will have greeters and police officers welcoming guests. Guests will be given a packet of information about Northside and a voting ballot. They will cast a vote for best trunk at the end of the line right before they get their meal.

If you would like to arrive sooner in the day, we will be there most of the day. You are welcome to come and set up or help in some way. If you have questions specific to your trunk or job, please text me at 316-258-2028.

Thanks again for helping us have a successful community event and pray that we touch lives and hearts through our example of Christian love.



The first broadcast of Know Your Bible was July 13, 1986, so we have completed 36 years of spreading the gospel through this great ministry. We take one Sunday each year to report to the congregation on the finances and future of the program. We also take this day to make financial commitments for the coming year. Many members save for a one-time contribution on KYB Sunday. Others indicate what they propose to give in the coming year. Gifts to Know Your Bible are in addition to our regular giving for the support of Northside’s other works. If you are a new member of Northside, we pray that you will join in continuing to make Know Your Bible available to over 1.5 million households in 10 states. Click here for a commitment form. 

Harvest Sunday

November 13 is Harvest Sunday.  It’s been a longstanding tradition that has done a lot of good for Carpenter Place.  It is a great organization run by members of the Churches of Christ.  They provide a Christian home environment for hurting girls who may be struggling with a host of issues. Their mission is to “rebuild families and restore lives.”  They are 100% privately funded.  Carpenter Place provides everything the young girls need during their time on campus. As you can imagine, they go through food and other supplies quickly. 

Our goal is to pack the stage with groceries to help the girls for the next year.  Click here for a list of items they are in need of.